Wash rinse repeat!!! — Otherwise Learn, forget, relearn(html, css, JavaScript)

Just hang me out to dry

I recently had the biggest brainfart of my life so I figured it’s time to take a refresher course of some of the basics.

I recently came across a post from new developer that was very honest about the learning cycle of what web developers go through on a regular basis(I hope I don’t botch this but here goes):

1st — Learn HTML

2nd — Learn CSS

3rd — Learn JavaScript

4th — Forget HTML

5th — Forget CSS

6th — Forget JavaScript

7th — Relearn HTML

8th — Relearn CSS

9th — Relearn JavaScript


That pretty much sums up this post lol so I figured a refresher is in order because I’m hitting my turn in the lifecycle of what I realized is a never ending stream of Was Rinse Repeat :).

Udemy is currently running a holiday sale on said courses for web development for anybody that’s a new customer so I’m taking (another) plunge. So I guess that this is only part one of this new series of endeavors.

Thanks as always for those that read my posts as I’ll keep these going for as long as I can(I may switch over to video posting in the future but this is good for now).

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all(Happy New year as well!!!)

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Seth Starr

Passionate coder, video game enthusiast, and hospitality professional.