Hitting the Reset button — A software engineering journey

Literal translation :)

I need to get this first thought out of the way because I absolutely hate writing book reports, emails, and the list goes on. So naturally the idea of writing a blog falls into that category. At some point biting the bullet needs to happen so here we go… :)

I needed a change!!!

Deciding to change career paths was a very daunting experience. I felt that changing careers was not the right move because it felt very unsafe or it’s within my nature to resist certain amounts of change. I’d like to believe that things should remain within a certain structure throughout life and the pursuit of happiness but clearly that isn’t the case. We as human beings adapt to our surroundings whether we like to believe it or not. For those willing to listen I’d like to share how I came to the decision of switching career paths and jumping in the deep end of Software Engineering.

Deep Dive Time

I know this might sound a little cliche but, I took a deep dive at what I’m passionate about!!! I’ve played a lot of video games during the course of my life so naturally when I wanted to make a career switch I thought that was where I wanted my new direction to head. After doing a bit of research I realized I lacked any technical know how a.k.a Computer Hacking skills…to be able to perform any of the jobs I found. I definitely didn’t want to be a game designer as I lacked a lot in the creative space. So what else was left? At the root of video game design theres a clear outcome that everybody who’s ever picked up a game controller should realize…”I’M GOING TO BEAT THIS FRIGGIN GAME EVEN IF IT KILLS ME”. Loose translation = I found out that I like solving problems and feeling that sense of accomplishment. Which lead me to my next question…

What next??

When I figured out that I like solving problems I literally googled, “If I like solving problems what work should I be doing?” This as you can imagine did not help at all…lol but I did the next best thing which was talk to relatives and family. My wife who shall remain nameless at this time was my biggest cheerleader because she knew I wasn’t happy in my last couple roles. She suggested taking a look at some bootcamps and possibly doing some of the free coding coursework. Now I never thought in a million years that I’d be cut out for a bootcamp let alone software engineering but low and behold here we are 3 weeks in and I can actually say I’m officially in the game.

End game…

How I feel so far lol.

Yep you guessed it only after three weeks in I’m feeling quite beat up..lol. Being in a bootcamp is no joke there are constant concepts that get thrown your way with no end in sight(or at least before 15 weeks are up). What my end game looks like is getting into an exciting tech career with endless opportunity.

Stay Tuned for more.


Seth that guy that love games, coding and now blog posting :).



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Seth Starr

Passionate coder, video game enthusiast, and hospitality professional.