Dont get stuck…

Figured I’d share a little about my job search journey and how it’s been going breaking into the tech world.

If you haven’t already figured it out I recently graduated from Flatiron School via their Software Engineering program(& loved it btw). But life after has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Figuring out how to stay focused after spending hours and hours trying to build something in JavaScrip, Ruby, or any other languages that you wanted to learn is what I like to refer to as the “Whiplash effect”. It essentially feels like you’re going from 60–0 in a split second. Even so I still managed to find some takeaways from my experience which I’ll share with those who want to listen:

1st — Network a lot!!!! — I know this seems very tedious and sometimes unfulfilling work but trust me it’s a good way to sift through your thoughts on companies and just get more insight from another persons perspective when you do connect wish someone.

2nd — Listen to your wife/partner/friend/etc… — I’m lucky to have somebody to kick me in the ass when I need it. Stack on a pandemic and less socializing one can go maddddddddd!!!!!!!!

3rd — Never stop the curiosity for what your passionate about — Coding is going to be my life moving forward not because I have to, or that I invested the time, this is something I’ve always wanted to do professionally. I definitely got off track after leaving my bootcamp but the wanting to keep pushing my knowledge base and implementation of new skills is still always there. If your stuck definitly use any/all resources online(I’m currently using Zenva Academy) but there are lots of free resources online!!!

4th — Be fearless — 100 rejection emails changes a person and that fear of never finding something can be debilitating. Keep pushing through and stay positive or if you’d like to reach out I’ve got an open door policy :).

Cheers and thank you for reading!!

Stay tuned for next weeks blog post :)



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Seth Starr

Passionate coder, video game enthusiast, and hospitality professional.