Coding and Hospitality

Given my background I thought that it would be a great share to go over a little hospitality practice that might be useful.

Hospitality 101 in 2 seconds…

In my short tenure of 12 years in the hospitality world every experience results in one single source of truth(that was an active record joke btw :)), which is anticipating guest needs. This can be accomplished by 1 of two means:

1st — Analyzing the behavior of previous customers or current customers.

I worked in quite a few hospitality related jobs from quick service fast food to 4 star hotels. All had very similar ways of handling customers through a process. That process however complex analyzed many data points revolving around behavior and interactions. If you know that a specific customer wants something every-time they come into your establishment 9–10 it might be a good idea to implement that ask on the front end of every guest interaction.

2nd — Analyzing the competition.

This is just as important as analyzing guest behavior because not every business operates in the same fashion…Shocker I now :). In the hotel world for example as a revenue manager you’d want to know where your competition is priced on a specific day so that you can figure out where to price your property(theres a way more complex calculation that goes into this but I’ll spare the details for the time being). Then of course you take into account how you’ve priced your property over the past 30–60–90 days and perhaps a year ago as well. In analyzing your competition you can then make an educated guess on what your customer might book your hotel at.

Anticipating guest interactions related to coding

In the short tenure of my coding experience I’ve noticed a lot of similarities of how guest interaction is being taken into account aka User Experiences. Trying to anticipate what a user might interact with is a tough job but understanding why a customer interacts with a specific feature of a website/app is very valuable. There’s a huge difference in building something cool vs. building something that makes sense to a user.

As an aspiring software engineer I’m looking forward to building both cool and useful websites/apps/games. There’s no perfect recipe for anticipating guest/user needs but with all the experience that I’ve gathered over the years I hope that I’ll be able to impact a businesses web/app design in a very meaningful way.

Stay tuned for more :).

-Seth Starr, tech enthusiast, aspiring software engineer.



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Seth Starr

Passionate coder, video game enthusiast, and hospitality professional.